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Safe Bicycling Near Cars

Riding a bicycle can be a very freeing and exciting recreational activity. It can provide fresh air, exercise and even adventure. But when, as a bicyclist, you share the road with other vehicles it is important you recognize the potential for danger that exists. Cars and other motorized vehicles often make decisions that can put bicyclists in harm's way. By following certain guidelines and staying aware you are better able to protect yourself when making use of a bicycle.

Common Bicycle Accidents

When a bicycle enters the road there are a number of common accidents that can occur. These include:

· Collisions with vehicles
· Tire malfunction and failure
· Collisions with vehicle doors
· Getting run off the road or cut off
· Having wheels slide dangerously
· Colliding with pedestrians

The commonly occurring accidents can result in serious head trauma, broken bones, property damage, and even death.

Tips for Bicyclists Safety

Luckily, there are steps you can take to keep safe when on your bike. These include:

Follow all traffic laws that apply to vehicles
Wear all appropriate protective gear, such as helmets and reflective clothing
Use lights and bells when appropriate
Always signal your turns
Be aware of your surroundings
Be careful when cycling past parked cars
Slow down when entering cross roads or cross walks
Always ride with traffic

These important steps can help keep your safe as you navigate your bicycle and share the road with pedestrians and motorized vehicle drivers alike.

For More Information

By knowing what dangers exist and what steps you can take to combat those dangerous, you are better able to have a safe experience on the road. If you would like to know more about bicycle safety and car accident law, visit today.

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