Monday, 3 May 2010

The enjoyable way to save mon fuel money by Bicycling

In the face of the rising cost of gasoline, instead of putting the pedal to the metal, more and more Americans are using a new set of pedals as a means of transportation. Rather than driving around town, commuting via bicycle is becoming more and more in fashion. Twenty-seven-year-old Michael Genovisi, who resides in San Francisco, commented that he prefers riding his bicycle as a means of transportation as opposed to driving his car.

Genovisi stated that he wasn't the only individual who had traded in driving for cycling. "There's a pretty big bike culture here and a lot of people ride," he said. Genovisi did note that not everyone partakes in this cycling trend, but that with the rising costs of gasoline, cycling is economically more feasible.

Living in San Francisco and other warmer regions, biking is seen as a means to enjoy the warm climate and escape rising gas prices. "There are certainly far more cars than bikes, but bikes are very common," Genovisi said. While bikes are still not the de facto means of travel, they are certainly become more pervasive.

On a similar note, Genovisi described that during a visit to an island off the coast of Thailand, the islanders not only rode bikes, but also rode small mopeds and motorcycles. In Thailand, the culture is more conducive to more means of creative traveling and so, people are seen commuting on all forms of transportation.

Holland is another country where cycling is a national phenomenon. According to the official Holland web site, thirteen million out of its sixteen million citizens own a bicycle. In light of this fact, Holland has obligatory separate bicycle lanes. In Holland bicycles are also available for rent in practically every town and city. Of course, Holland's mostly flat country and mild weather also lend a helping hand to the popularity of using bicycles as a primary means of transportation.

Overall, biking is a great way to save money on gasoline and to stay healthy. When the weather is nice, it offers a means to avoid going to the gym, and get to work without waiting in traffic. Killing two birds with one stone, it's hard to deny the advantages of biking.

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