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Bicylcing in City of Davis

The City of Davis logo is an old-fashioned 'high-wheeler" bicycle, and with good reason. Davis has always been a place with a lot of bicycles, and with a large University in middle of town, thousands take to the streets on their bicycles each day.

Davis has been a "Bicycle Friendly City" and at the forefront of incorporating bicycle lanes into the City traffic flow since 1966. The City of Davis has won national awards for bikeway planning and design and national Cycling groups and Outdoors magazines have bestowed many honors on Davis including "America's Best Cycling City" in 1995.

Each year an international bike race, the AMGEN Tour of California, runs right through downtown Davis as crowds line the streets and cheer. And, in April of 2009, Davis was designated as the new home of the U.S. Bicycling Hall Of Fame which will move it's headquarters from Somersville, New Jersey to Davis, California.

Today Davis has over 100 miles of Bike Lanes and Bike Paths throughout the City and surrounding area.

A "Bike Lane" is a separate lane for bicycles only, which is built into the city streets, usually between the traffic lane and the gutter or sidewalk.

A "Bike Path", on the other hand, is a concrete or asphalt path for Bicycle and pedestrian use, which is not associated with existing roads or auto traffic. It often winds through greenbelts that connect Davis neighborhoods. Some of these bike paths allow riders to pass under highways and railroad tracks to easily get around town without encountering normal auto traffic congestion.

There are many scenic bike paths that take riders to city parks, along Putah Creek, through the University, and into the downtown area. Once downtown, riders can utilize bike lanes to go anywhere to shop, dine, meet friends, or get to work. Some Bike Paths and Lanes allow riders to explore the countryside around town and help connect Davis to Winters and Woodland.

To see pictures and maps of the Davis Bike Paths, visit my website below. I have included some photos of bike paths around Davis so that you will get an idea of the beautiful areas you can ride through.

Many of the neighborhoods in Davis are designed with Greenbelts and Bike Paths incorporated into them. Many homes can be found that back to a greenbelt or bike path. All the owner need do, is go out their back gate, or down the block, to get on the bike path and start to tour any of the 100+ miles of bike paths and lanes to take them anywhere around town.

Most of the City Parks can be reached via a bike lane or path and have bike paths incorporated into their design. It's easy to ride from one park to another. It is not just a popular mode of transportation for students, as many University employees and townspeople bike to work from their nearby homes. One of the more popular routes is the Davis Bike Loop, a circle path around Davis that is 12 miles in length and takes you through the University and a cross-section of neighborhoods. The path is marked in green with the Davis bike logo and the words "Davis Bike Loop".

As a resource for more information about Davis Bike history, current activities and bicycle projects and news, I recommend the non-profit group, Davis Bicycles!

If you are not a bicycle enthusiast when you move to Davis, you soon will be. The convenient facilities make bicycling a great way to get to work, get around town, or just get out and see the natural beauty of the area. If you are considering a move to Davis, the Bicycle Friendly atmosphere is just another of the many reasons to make this your home.

Vicki Walker is a Realtor in Davis, California. She provides assistance to clients that buy and sell Davis CA Real Estate and real estate in Woodland and all of Yolo County. Visit her website for more information.

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