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Bicycling - How and Where to Chow Down Along the Missouri Katy Trail

Basic outlet types along the Missouri Katy Trail (within 2-miles of the trail).

1. Cafes/restaurants (individual or in hotels/motels; small or full meals)
2. Bar grills (sandwiches, pizza, burgers, tenderloins, fries, meals)
3. Convenience/general stores (hot dogs/sausages, pre-made sandwiches, pizza, subs, breakfast sandwich, pastries, sodas)
4. Markets/groceries (deli items, hot/cold/frozen snacks, pastries, subs, real food, sodas)
5. Gas stations (snacks, pizza, sodas, depending on size of station)
6. Campgrounds/general stores (varied snacks or fast food, hot or cold)
7. Wineries (soups, sandwiches, cheese/sausage/cold-cut baskets, full lunch/dinner)
8. Bike shops (snacks, sodas, ice cream)
9. Auto repair shops (snacks, sodas)
10. Outside snack-machines (candy bars, chips, pastries, sodas)
11. Local seasonal festivities/celebrations (community fish or chicken fries, Oktoberfest etc)

Most of the food along the Katy trail is typically good, whether common, countrified, pot-luck, or occasional gourmet. Most of the ready-to-eat kind can be found in the cafes, restaurants, convenience stores, gas stations or combinations of the latter two in the small towns or on the secondary highways near the trail. Such places can be looked up on the Internet or the trail's website, which is updated regularly. Not all of them are next to the trail. Riders might have to go a few blocks to find the ones they want.

Still, the amount and quality of the food there is ample. Even the grease-burgers and tenderloins can be large, and served with large fries or rings. Because some riders often feel sweaty and dirty, they prefer the trail-side cafes, bar-grills, convenience stops, or wineries found near the trail or in the smaller towns.

Others do not worry about it, and prefer the nicer restaurants found the larger towns. Still others prefer the hidden not-well-advertised rural general stores/other-outlets located on the trail at varied crossroads, boat ramps, fishing camps, and campgrounds, like, Lucy's Bar & Grill, Katfish Katy's, Cooper's Landing, Thai Kitchen, Riverview Traders Store, Claysville Store, Jims Bar & Grill, and Peers Store. Barbeque, ethnic and country cooking can be found in surprising places

However, some of these places open early in the afternoon or on weekends, only. Several close on Monday or at least one-to-two days a week. Many close during the winter season. A few gas stations remain open 24-hours year-round. Thus, the timing for eating can be important.

Basic food outlets by town/mile marker from Clinton (west-end) to St Charles (east-end).

Clinton* 264.6 (outlets downtown about a mile south of trail head or near the highways)
Calhoun 255.5 (gas station w/convenience store on Route-52)
Windsor* 248 (convenience store next to trail; downtown cafe; other outlets)
Green Ridge 239.2 (convenience store; bar-grill)
Sedalia* 227.1 (varied places in town or on highways near trail)
Clifton City 215.4 (auto-repair garage 2-blocks north of trail)
Pilot Grove 203.3 (convenience store; bar-grill; market; burger/ice-cream shop)
Boonville* 191.8 (casino; cafes downtown north of the trails's Boonslick bridge)
New Franklin 188.2 (convenience store/gasoline a few blocks north of trailhead)
Rocheport 178.3 (trail-side cafe; two cafes (one gourmet) on town strip 3-blocks north of trailhead; gourmet winery 2-miles south of town accessible from the trail further south)
Huntsdale 171.7 (campgrounds/boat ramp/general store)
McBaine 169.5 (bar-grill at crossroads 2-blocks southwest of trailhead)
Easly 162.5 (campgrounds/boat ramp/general store; Thai Kitchen in separate trailer/mobile-home there)
Wilton 157.4 (general trading/convenience store)
Hartsburg 153.6 (cafe; winery outlet; 2 bar-grills)
Claysville 149.8 (fried-chicken cafe, weekends only)
Jefferson City* 143.2 - 1½-miles south of trail (ice cream/burger shops, gourmet cafe, and downtown outlets south of capital building)
Tebbetts 131.2 (day-time convenience store1/3-mile west on Route-94; weekend bar-grill close to trail with Karaoke and local jam sessions)
Mokane 125 (day-time market 1½-blocks north of trail; also bar-grill club when open)
Portland 115.9 (bar-grill just north of trailhead)
Bluffton 110.9 (campgrounds snack bar w/sodas, weekends only in season)
Rhineland 105 (trail-side restaurant in strip next to trail)
Hermann* 100.8 - 2-miles south of trail (wineries; ethnic and varied outlets on the main north-south and west-east streets; quaint cafes near shops; full-meal winery on south side; convenience store not far from trail south at intersection of Routes-19/94)
Treloar 84.4 (bar-grill close to trail)
Peers 81.2 (all-day general store w/hot food)
Marthasville 77.7 (gas station next to trail; outdoor sodas; convenience store/bar-grill ½-mile south on Route-47/94)
Dutzow 74 (deli-restaurant at trailhead; winery nearby)
Augusta 66.3 (winery; downtown restaurant)
Matson 60.6 (wineries nearby)
Defiance 59.1 (2 bar-grills close to trail; also, bike shop w/snacks/ice cream; winery nearby)
St Charles* 39.5 (casino; winery and quaint cafes/outlets in the old town next to trail

*Designates larger town having several options including fast-food outlets.

This list is not all inclusive, but it gives trail bicyclists an idea of what is available near the trail. Towns 4-miles from the trail or further, like, Columbia, Holts Summit, Washington, and St Louis also have numerous eateries. But carry your own small supply of energy food, just in case.

To study the facilities on this trail further, see the following sites.

1. BikeKatyTrail
2. Missouri State Parks

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