Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Choosing the Best Mountain Biking and Cycling Clothing

Mountain biking is such a good way to keep fit and a superb way to explore the outdoors, the city and your nearby area. You don't need to own the highest spec mountain bike to get out and have fun, however it does help if you wear the right bike wear and active clothing. Bike wear and cycling clothing should be comfy and breathable when you're whizzing round on the mountain bikes. A good place to start is with sports clothing that has been specifically designed with cycling and biking technicalities in mind.

Cycling jackets and fleeces

Cycling jackets vary enormously from lightweight soft-shell jackets through to the heavier 3 in 1 jackets. When you're planning to purchase lightweight soft-shell jackets for cycling or mountain biking then it is advisable to think about a jacket that is waterproof - both with or without taped seams, windproof, and with protective high visibility reflectors designed on the jacket. You should always purchase a bike jacket that has been designed to be roomy enough to withstand the rigorous movements of the cyclist. A windproof and waterproof jacket with a long back is beneficial to the cyclist as it stops the splash of mud, dirt and rain soaking through to your clothes.

Cycling late, whether it be thrill seeking adventures in the mountains or simply cycling home from work in the dark it is recommended that you have some sort of reflective fabric on your jacket Many bike jackets, trousers, shorts and rucksacks have reflective piping outlining the item which is useful for others to see you when riding on the roads and at night.

Cycling shorts

Selecting the right cycling shorts and trousers is quite easy. Again it would be a good choice to choose some shorts with reflective panels and comfort sewn in. A number of shorts have padding in the areas that require it most, making lengthy mountain biking and cycling sessions much better in terms of comfort. When choosing shorts for cycling and mountain biking you can choose between relaxed fit and tight fit - it is simply a matter of preference. Many shorts are made from an elastane and lycra mix of fabric making them ideal for flexible use and active wear when on mountain bikes.

Regardless of your decision on what you decide to get it's worth taking a look at a broad range of clothing and making sure that you're comfy and flexible in your clothing!

Charlotte Green is a very experienced cyclist and always buys the best cycling clothing and bike wear.

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