Sunday, 9 May 2010

2 major top tips for Mountain bikers

Mountain biking is a lot of fun and a good way to stay in shape. There are a lot of different types of mountain bikes on the market. How do you choose the right one for you? Here are a few tips on the different models to consider before making a decision.

Cross country. Cross country mountain bikes are designed to be very light weight, which will help the biker to navigate almost any terrain, including hills. This category will cover most mountain bikes.
A good cross country mountain bike is a good investment. Not only can you use it on the most difficult terrains, but it is also useful for simple commutes to the store!

Downhill. Many serious bikers build their own downhill bike in order to go after very adventurous rides. A good downhill bike must have suspension in the front and the rear and very strong disc brakes.
Trails. Another very strong bike is a trail mountain bike. Trail riding is one of the most precise forms of mountain biking and is for very skilled riders. These riders take their sport very seriously and often design and build their own bikes.

Jump and slalom. Street racing, slalom, and jumping are great fun for adrenaline junkies. Before you begin any of these sports, however, you must have the strongest type of bike! The jump and slalom bikes are very popular among biking enthusiasts. The front suspension and strong components make for a very sturdy mountain bike.

The sport of mountain biking is a lot of fun, whether you are just starting out or have been doing it your whole life. Your bike is an investment and you'll want to find the right one for you. You'll be using this investment for a long time to come. It is tempting to rush into this purchase, but it is much better to do your research first!

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