Sunday, 9 May 2010

4 great Mountain bike techniques

Are you an avid mountain biker? If so, you likely already own a good mountain bike. But if you are looking to upgrade or are just getting into the sport, you may want to do some research on the different models before making a purchase. Below you'll find a few tips on the different models. Be sure to consider what you will be using your mountain bike for and your own personal style as well.

1. Cross country. This is the most common bike and any good bike is likely to fit into the cross country category. These bikes are good for almost any terrain due to their light weight. Think you need a separate bike for general commuting purposes? Think again! A light weight cross country bike can be used for almost anything, including less challenging rides. From an aggressive workout to a short gas-saving commute, you'll get a lot of miles out of your mountain bike.

2. Downhill. A good downhill bike with the strongest parts, disc brakes, and both front and rear suspension is a must have for a serious biker. These may be difficult to find off the shelf but can be custom built.

3. Trails. Another mountain bike that is most often custom build by or for adventurous bikers is the Trail bike. Biking on trails involves a high level of skill. Bikers must have a strong and lightweight bike to safely engage in this precision riding.

4. Jump and slalom. If you want to street race, slalom, or jump on your bike, you will need one that is very strong and designed specifically for this purpose. Jump and slalom bikes use the strongest components available and offer great front suspension. Adrenaline junkies who mountain bike will love this one!

Mountain biking is a rewarding activity for new bikers and long-time enthusiasts as well. Just be sure to test out some different models before buying a mountain bike so that you can find the one best for you.

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