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Ladies Bikes

When somebody mentions the words "ladies bikes" perhaps the first image that springs to mind is one of those old, really heavy ladies bikes with a very low top tube - to make it easy to mount, even wearing a long skirt - and maybe with a wicker basket attached to the front. Actually this is a fairly outdated image. The woman riding this particular ladies bike is probably middle aged or older. The truth is that there is a huge range of different women's bicycles on the market these days, and many look just like men's bikes to the untrained eye; these are the road racing bicycles that may have a shorter, slightly lower top tube, or narrower handlebars.

The question remains though, are ladies bikes a necessity, or is it just as good for a woman to ride a bike designed for men? The answer is that it really does not matter; what is important is that the bicycle fits you. After all, all women are not built exactly the same - of course, certainly they are all different from the men! What is perfect for one woman might be a horribly uncomfortable cycle for another.

Nevertheless, the average woman will have longer legs, a shorter torso, shorter arms and smaller hands and feet than the average man of comparable height. This means that there are certainly some beneficial modifications that can be made in the design of ladies bikes. As mentioned briefly above, the top tube can be shortened and made to slope downwards from the handlebars to the saddle tube. This has the effect of bringing the handlebars closer to the saddle, which makes them easier for a woman to reach. On many cruiser bikes, the top bar attaches so low to the saddle tube that they look like those vintage ladies bikes where the rider can simply step over to mount while wearing skirts or summer dresses.

Another change that is apparent on the women specific design (WSD) bikes is narrower handlebars often made of thinner tubing to accommodate a woman's smaller hands. The brake levers are generally close-reach for the same reason. These modifications all make for a safer ride, both because they stop the female rider from having to stretch in order to steer, which makes pulled muscles a high possibility; but also because maintaining a comfortable riding position allows better overall control of the bike.

On the subject of comfort, ladies bike saddles are also different to those made for men. They are wider to better support a woman's sitting bones and generally have a cutout in the center to provide a more comfortable riding experience. In some of the leisure bikes, the saddles are also padded or have their own shock absorbers.

So ladies bikes are not a "must" have for women, as it pays its own rewards for each individual to find the best bike for herself. However, the frame geometries and other women specific modifications to these bicycles probably does warrant labelling them a "should" have.

Nic Stemson is an avid cycling enthusiast, writing about all things bike-related, from why a ladies bicycle is a great idea for women; to how to personalize vintage ladies bicycles; to what kind of fashion to wear while out on the road to achieve velo chic.

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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Balance Bike UK

Balance Bikes, often called Running Bikes or Pre Bikes, are very simply bikes with no pedals. Designed for young children, their aim is to give the child an opportunity to learn how to ride without the complications which come with traditional toddlers bikes. They provide a fun and relaxed approach to what can often be a difficult skill to master.

The Benefit of Balance Bikes - The theory behind a Balance Bike is to focus on learning how to balance and then letting steering come naturally. Once these two concepts are mastered, children will find it far easier to learn how to pedal at the same time, and because of this, balance bikes have no pedals. This leaves the child free to concentrate on learning the art of balancing by sitting on the seat and propelling themselves forward, keeping one or two feet on the ground at all times. Additionally, this style of training bike has no stabilizers, a device considered by the designers of Balance Bikes to hinder a child's ability to learn because stabilizers alter the movement of a kids bike to resemble a tricycle making the balancing technique different to an ordinary toddlers bike.

There are additional benefits to a kids prebike as well. Simple things, like the fact that it doesn't have a chain which means no messy oil stains on clothing. Also, bikes with no pedals are much easier to put into the boot of a standard family car, and parents won't have to worry so much about maintenance of their child's training bike because there are so few moving parts.

The History of Balance Bikes - The original balance bike UK was invented by a German woodworker called Rolf Mertens, which explains why the original design was made from wood. His concept in bikes, which he branded LIKEaBIKE, has been manufactured by a company called Kokua based in Roetgen, Germany since 1997. This German idea for training bikes took off across Europe and then reached as far as the USA and China. Today, these prebikes are still making headlines worldwide, with major brands like Specialized and Norco jumping at the chance to add a running bike UK to their kids range.

Types and Brands of Balance Bikes Available in the UK - The original training bike from LIKEaBIKE was made from wood but increasingly designers and manufacturers are turning to tubular steel frames for the construction of these bikes for two very important reasons. Firstly, kids bikes need to be durable and hardwearing, and secondly they need to be lightweight. Toddlers can have difficulty learning to manoeuvre a heavy prebike, and it's important that their first learning experience is as enjoyable as possible.

The choice of balance bike available to the UK market is still fairly limited. You can find a kids bike with no pedals through manufacturers such as Hudora, Islabikes and Norco but there are still a large number of bigger named companies like GIANT who don't market a running bike in the UK. Plus, although many of the bigger brands have designed a training bike of their own, there are very few companies who specialize in first bikes for kids. One company which does provide this service, and which produces one of the most advanced kids training bikes on the market, is Strider Sports, a USA based company with sales in the UK via it's sister website It's version, the Strider PREbike, is perfectly designed to achieve its aim of helping children teach themselves how to ride a bike.

Strider PREbike - The Strider PREbike is the most unique design for a toddlers running bike on the UK market today. Designed by Ryan McFarland, a father and keen biker himself, this enhanced style is lighter than every other well-known manufacturer's design available to buy in the UK and comes with some distinctive features. Whilst other training bikes either have hand brakes or no brakes at all, the Strider PREbike has a foot brake. Ryan McFarland worked from the principle that when children panic they are much more likely to stamp down with their feet than grab a brake with their hands. This design allows kids to stop their training bike swiftly and safely, without crashing over the handlebars.

Another important element is the use of footrests. Some toddlers bikes either have no place for kids to put their feet or have space in front of the seat like a moped. Neither of these designs teach kids the ability to balance on a bike in the way a Strider PREbike does. This design has footrests directly beneath the seat so that kids can stand up when they like, in much the same way as you can on an ordinary bike. It gives kids that little bit more control over their training bike.

And then there are the puncture proof tires. The Strider PREbike has foam filled tires designed to cope with off road terrain, a design which surpasses the traditional pneumatic tire and gives the functionality you really want with in a Toddlers first bike.

Melanie Thomas (CEO Melrose Kids Ltd) is a mother of two boys and lives in London, England. Melrose Kids Ltd are the official distributor of the Strider balance bikes in the UK and Ireland. The Stride PREbike™ bike is a revolutionary new learning vehicle for 1-5 year old children. It provides great fun and exercise, teaches steering, balance, and co-ordination and builds self-confidence. It comes in 6 great colours.

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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Mountain Bike Brakes - Disc Brakes Verses Rim Brakes

When choosing a mountain bike, there are many options to consider. Probably one of the most important is the choice of Disc Bike Brakes or Rim Bike Brakes. So, which one is better? The truth is that it depends on what kind of riding you're going to be doing. So let's take a look at both options and weigh the Pros and Cons.

Rim Bike Brakes:

The major pro for these Bike brakes is their weight. If you're trying to rig up the lightest possible bike, rim bike brakes are a must-have. In basic conditions (road or very light trail riding) they are fine. They'll stop you when you need to and shouldn't cause problems. Also, they're considerably cheaper than their disc cousins. Rim bike brakes are especially good for cheap or beginner rigs.

However, they simply don't have the durability of disc bike brakes. Should your rim get bent or damaged, even slightly, you'll notice a drop-off in rim bike brake performance. Similarly, wet or muddy rims can severely hamper their effect. Even worse, if you're doing a lot of riding, rim brakes slowly wear the rim down and can even puncture it completely, causing a potentially dangerous blowout.

Disc bike Brakes:

Overall, these are the more consistent and reliable option. Quality disc brakes will stand up in even the toughest conditions, and can stop faster, even in wet or muddy conditions (an important consideration in off-road biking). They come in both cable and hydraulic varieties, both of which work reliably well. They require less force and work even if the rim is bent or wet. They'll stop your bike even if the rim or wheel is thickly coated in mud or dirt.

There are certain drawbacks to disc bike brakes, however. The biggest issue is that they're simply heavy. A mountain bike can be a pretty hefty piece of equipment no matter what, so the additional weight of discs is something you'll notice. Depending on the bike and bike brakes, they often add anywhere from 100 to 400 grams - not huge, but enough to make a difference.

Additionally, disc bike brakes are more expensive than rim brakes. As with all things, you pay for quality and reliability.

Bottom Line: Per our recommendations, if you're serious at all about mountain biking, you should go with disc brakes. What they lack in lightness they easily make up for in reliability and performance. Also be sure to check out our great selection of Mongoose mountain bikes.

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Monday, 21 June 2010

Which Bicycle Tracking GPS is Right For You?

If you are looking for a bicycle tracking GPS, you are probably looking at various models of the Garmin Edge. Which one is right for you?

All of the these units offer navigation functionality, virtual partner training capability, and courses where you can compete against your prior cycling sessions. All also offer the ability to use Garmin Connect and Training Center software.

GPS features vary between models. The 605 and 705 come with basemaps, the ability to add more maps, and the option to use a microSD card. The 500 does not allow for saving waypoints or routes. The 205 and the 605 do not come with barometric altimeters.

Options for bicycle tracking your workout also can differ between these devices. The 205 and the 605 do not have a heart rate monitor or cadence sensor. Other models offer these features on at least some versions. All models except for the 500 can maintain simple workouts where you set items such as calorie goals. If you want the ability to set advanced workouts and bicycle track workout goals, you will need a 605 or 705. The interval training feature where you can program in rest periods is not available on the 500.

If you would like to use third party ANT-enabled power meters, then the 500 is the device for you. Do you want to share data with your friends who are using the same device wirelessly? The Edge 705 will let you do this. The lower-end models have a few hours less average battery life than their pricier siblings.

Any of the these systems would be an asset to your bicycling workout. Consider what features are most important to you when selecting between the various models.

Is a Garmin Edge 705 or 605 best for you? Take the quiz at Garmin Edge 705 Get the latest reviews at GPS for bicycles.

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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Full Suspension Or Bicycle Front Suspension Iron Horse Mountain Bike

Guideline for the novice bikers:

Iron horse mountain bicycles are a very popular brand in the USA these days. These bikes are available in a lot of different designs and models to suit the user's requirements.

As a new entrant in the bicycle community, you should understand what you really want out of your bicycle. The stores are loaded with different models with different specifications, which are confusing enough for anyone to become indecisive.

The most important of all specifications is the type of suspension. These days there are two major types of suspensions available, which are full and front suspension.

Full Suspension -

As the name implicates, these bicycles have shock absorbers in the front and the rear suspension. Full Suspension Mountain bikes are much more comfortable, enjoyable, and better controlled. But at the same time they are pretty expensive to buy. They are also a bit hard to paddle and require more maintenance for the reason that they have more parts. These additional parts make these bikes comparatively heavy in weight and a bit difficult to jump, but are great in long distance races as they are more comfortable.

Bicycle Front Suspension -

The Bicycle front suspension bikes are also known as the hard tails as the rear shocks are missing. These bikes are much more efficient to paddle on a smooth path or a road and are better in jumping. The ride is a bit bumpy and an extended period ride will definitely give you a stiff back.

They are less expensive in comparison to their counterparts and easy to maintain. They are more popular where jumping is involved due to their light weight and easy acceleration from jump to jump.

If you wish to buy an iron horse in the future, keep in mind what you intend doing on your bicycle, as there is a suitable one available just for you.

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Bicycle in Italy

Finding An Affordable Italy Vacation

During your search for an Italy vacation, you'll find many companies offering Italy vacations and vacation packages. While they're all going to sound exciting and perfect, if your budget is a consideration, you need to take time deciding. Check out all the available options in each Italy vacation package. Decide which of these options you'll want on your trip and then compare prices. You'll want to get the best value for your money, while not paying for things that you won't benefit from.

Your Best Options For An Italy Vacation

When you decide to narrow down the many available Italy vacation packages, try to stay with reputable companies that are willing to give you a good deal. Select Italy, is a global family company that offers some great Italy packages. These trips will provide some extraordinary Italian heritage. Select Italy has always been committed to offering their customers only superior service while giving them an affordable vacation package. They have guide that are incredibly knowledgeable in the subjects of art history, archeology and Italian culture. They know the area well and can help you find the Italy vacation package to suit you and your personal preferences.

Another excellent company to check is Virgin Vacations. They are well known in the travel world and offer some great Italy vacation packages. Since 1994, they're main goal as been providing their customers with inclusive vacation packages to Italy, London and beyond. They offer the finest in service and value for your money. Virgin Vacations is partners with many hotels and will do their best to set you up in an excellent hotel that will also suit your budget.

The Final Decision

When deciding on which vacation company to go with, the two things you need to keep in mind are quality and price. You don't want the cheapest vacation you can find if it's not giving you what you want. Alternatively, you won't enjoy having the highest quality vacation if you can't afford it. So, check over the vacation packages, determine what you will use and what you can afford.

Attractions in Italy

While many Italy vacation plans include some activities, many of them leave you with a lot of time to yourself. You'll want to make plans ahead of time on things you want to do and places you want to see. If you enjoy bicycle in Italy touring, Italy has many touring companies that will provide everything you need to enjoy a bicycle tour.

Alison Addy is the author of more resources published online. Learn more about bike tours and Italy vacation packages at

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World of Bicycling - temporary deviation

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How to Have a Bicycling and Active Vacation Adventure

Ordinary tours turn extraordinary with some imagination. Bike tours with Sojourn Bicycling and Active Vacations provide an altogether new and relaxing way to experience a destination in US or Canada.

Sojourn Bicycling and Active Vacations offers you personalized tours which enable you to visit most scenic destinations in North America in a new exciting way. Sojourn bike tours are a premier resource for adventure travelers who want to visit famous places by bike without compromising on fun and good life.

Bicycle tours offered by Sojourn are for travelers of all shades and interests. They have the requisite flexibility to offer standard trips as well as custom made trips to include the desires of their clients. These trips are designed for birthdays, team retreats, family reunions or just to visit the famous and scenic destinations groups, couples or individuals.

In this, you will get a bicycle tour leader who accompanies you on your routes and a support van travels with the group, which is ready to provide the necessary logistics and refreshments like snacks and drinks. Tour leaders are aptly trained to attend to the minutest of your requirements. They become part of your extended family where they would dine with you, ensure you bike remains fault free and that your water bottle is never empty plus they would also ensure that your favorite chocolate or snacks are there in picnic basket. The average group size at Sojourn rarely exceeds 15.

At Sojourn, you will get excellent and latest equipments ranging from bikes to support vans. The hybrid and road bikes they offer state of art equipments and are designed while keeping stability, comfort and endurance in mind. Bikes have adjustable handlebars to enable you to align your back and neck angle to maximum comfort level.
Made with light aluminum, these bikes come in various styles for men and women.

Bicycle tours offered by Sojourn include famous and exclusive destinations throughout North America. Sojourn offers the choice of some scenic and most visited destinations like Acadia National Park, Quebec city, Vermont, Columbia River Gorge and endless other ones. Sojourn is completely familiar with the destinations for which it offers bike tours and conveniently arranges your food and accommodation needs at good restaurants and inns. They continuously strive to develop new tours and offers.

Sojourn believes that for an avid traveler an adventurous journey is a dream come true and to realize that, he may wish to stop en route to smell roses, or still may prefer to continue the vigorous ride, the choice is entirely his. You can select your vacations from wide and interesting destinations in North America which also include Sojourn exclusives.

The website of Sojourn Bicycling and Active vacations ( ) is very informative and you can visit it to learn more about them, their biking tours, prices and more. You may even request them online for creating a customized trip for your group.

Polite and friendly support staff at Sojourn will be ever eager to answer to your queries and make your dream trip a memorable one.

Michael has been writing online articles for over 10 years. Recently he has been very interested in writing about green living. Come visit his latest site that talks about solar yard lights and the solar yard lights for your home.

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Cycling Tour of California 2010 Stage 3 - Devil's Slide Pacifica

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Four Bicycle Safety Tips For Children

Children depend on their parents for guidance and protection. As parents, it is crucial that we provide our children with a safe environment in which they can grow and play. This can be done by child-proofing our homes, placing our children in a proper booster seat, or teaching them to look both ways before they cross the street. When it comes to playtime, parents need to teach their children how to exercise and be active in a safe manner. Children are anxious to learn to ride their bikes so they can play with their friends and enjoy their evenings after school. It is the parents' responsibly to research proper safety guidelines to teach their children before allowing them to ride on their own. Here are four safety measures that will help keep your child safe.

1.) DO NOT PURCHASE A BICYCLE FOR YOUR CHILD TO GROW INTO. The rate at which kids grow can be a bit restraining on their parents' budget as their children quickly grow out of their shoes and clothes. It is tempting to buy a larger bicycle for your child to grow into in an effort to save money. However, kids have less control over bikes that are too big for them. They are more likely to wobble and swerve, which can lead to a potential crash. Your children should have bikes that fit them, even if that means you will have to purchase a large bike down the road. A basic rule for the right size bike is to find one that your child is able to stand over with both feet flat on the ground.

2.) DO NOT LET YOUR CHILD RIDE AT NIGHT. Bicycling is far more dangerous during the night for several reasons. First, it is more difficult for motorists to see bicyclists in the dark. Drivers are also more likely to drive faster at night when there is less traffic, limiting their reaction time. Furthermore, the prevalence of drunk drivers increases during the evening. For these reasons, it is important that you do not let your child ride their bicycles after nightfall until they are more experienced cyclists.

3.) RESIDENTIAL NEIGHBORHOODS STILL POSE RISKS. Many parents fall into the trap of thinking their children are completely safe if they are cycling in residential neighborhoods. However, this complacency can lead to disaster. Yes, residential neighborhoods are safer than busy commuter streets, but they do still pose a serious threat your child. Cars traveling at 25 mph through residential streets can still cause serious injuries to bicyclists in an accident. Be sure to teach your children to obey all traffic laws and to be on guard no matter how busy or quiet the street may be.

4.) RIDE WITH THE FLOW OF TRAFFIC. Many children may question this rule, assuming it is safer to ride facing the traffic, as they feel safer being able to see oncoming traffic. However, this is highly dangerous and accounts for 25% of all bicycle accidents. Motorists are not expecting bicyclists to ride against the flow of traffic and are less aware of bicyclists in that situation. In addition, most motorists do not look for oncoming traffic at intersections, creating a dangerous situation if the cyclist is riding against the flow of traffic. Teach your children to always ride on the right-hand side of the road.

Kenneth L. Christensen founded The Christensen Law Firm, PLLC, a personal injury law firm in Salt Lake City, Utah. He specializes in bicycle accidents, car accident, dog bites, and serious injury cases. Learn more about Mr. Christensen at To request a free book on Utah bicycle safety and accidents, visit

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Inspired Bicycles - Danny MacAskill April 2009

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The Reasons Why a Carbon Fiber Bicycle Frame is a Good Choice

For most avid bike riders, the right frame is of utmost importance. The material they are made out of determines a lot about how the bicycle will perform. Bicycles have come a long way from their wooden framed ancestors. Today, most bike owners insist that the carbon bicycle frame is the reigning king.

Prior to purchasing a bike, there are many things to consider. How long you want to keep the bike in use, what uses you will get out of it, and the kind of terrain you tend to ride on should all be answered prior to buying the bike. Each bike frame material is different. Carbon fiber bike frames offer incredible durability with top notch performance levels.

Carbon fiber, since it is a composite material, makes for an incredibly strong frame in the current market. Though they're usually very pricey compared to other bike frames, it is worth it in the end. Carbon bike frames can handle a ton of pressure from pedaling and are virtually unbreakable.

Another incredibly important factor in a good bike is the ability to sufficiently absorb any shock. Carbon is the top material on the market when it comes to dampening shock. Owners will see a huge difference even on the hardest of terrain. The capacity to handle more shock also means the bike will be able to handle a lot more wear and tear.

If you plan on keeping your bicycle for a while, choosing one that will stand the test of time is very important. Carbon is a completely non-corrosive material. This means that the frame will not deteriorate even when subjected to the harshest of weather. This is a very good quality for bikes that are stored outside or owned by people who live and ride by the ocean.

A bicycle's weight, for many, is a major deciding factor prior to purchasing. Riding in areas where the terrain can mean lifting the bike would be simpler with the less heavy frame. Lighter frames also allow for much more stiffness which is a more exceptional ride and big factor for many. It also allows for a much quicker bike which is important for owners who intend on racing with it. Carbon fiber allows for some of the lightest framed bicycles on today's market.

Since carbon is easily malleable. Bike frames made from them can be shaped, during production, into virtually any design. This means they can be tailor made to fit a specific buyers needs. Racing bikes can be shaped more aerodynamically and bikes that will be used for terrain riding can be made thicker around joint areas to withstand higher pressure.

Before purchasing a new bike think long and hard about the type of frame you need. Make your decision based off of what kind of use you plan on getting out of your new bike. Although it is much more expensive, if you want to get the best buy for your money, Carbon is your best choice. Its strength, shock dampening, non-corrosiveness, weight, and flexibility make it a great material for bicycles.

More and more bike owners insist that carbon bicycle frames reigning supreme as the first and only choice. Get the super inside scoop now in our guide to the best carbon bicycle frame on the market.

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2010 Post Office Bike Jam