Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The Reasons Why a Carbon Fiber Bicycle Frame is a Good Choice

For most avid bike riders, the right frame is of utmost importance. The material they are made out of determines a lot about how the bicycle will perform. Bicycles have come a long way from their wooden framed ancestors. Today, most bike owners insist that the carbon bicycle frame is the reigning king.

Prior to purchasing a bike, there are many things to consider. How long you want to keep the bike in use, what uses you will get out of it, and the kind of terrain you tend to ride on should all be answered prior to buying the bike. Each bike frame material is different. Carbon fiber bike frames offer incredible durability with top notch performance levels.

Carbon fiber, since it is a composite material, makes for an incredibly strong frame in the current market. Though they're usually very pricey compared to other bike frames, it is worth it in the end. Carbon bike frames can handle a ton of pressure from pedaling and are virtually unbreakable.

Another incredibly important factor in a good bike is the ability to sufficiently absorb any shock. Carbon is the top material on the market when it comes to dampening shock. Owners will see a huge difference even on the hardest of terrain. The capacity to handle more shock also means the bike will be able to handle a lot more wear and tear.

If you plan on keeping your bicycle for a while, choosing one that will stand the test of time is very important. Carbon is a completely non-corrosive material. This means that the frame will not deteriorate even when subjected to the harshest of weather. This is a very good quality for bikes that are stored outside or owned by people who live and ride by the ocean.

A bicycle's weight, for many, is a major deciding factor prior to purchasing. Riding in areas where the terrain can mean lifting the bike would be simpler with the less heavy frame. Lighter frames also allow for much more stiffness which is a more exceptional ride and big factor for many. It also allows for a much quicker bike which is important for owners who intend on racing with it. Carbon fiber allows for some of the lightest framed bicycles on today's market.

Since carbon is easily malleable. Bike frames made from them can be shaped, during production, into virtually any design. This means they can be tailor made to fit a specific buyers needs. Racing bikes can be shaped more aerodynamically and bikes that will be used for terrain riding can be made thicker around joint areas to withstand higher pressure.

Before purchasing a new bike think long and hard about the type of frame you need. Make your decision based off of what kind of use you plan on getting out of your new bike. Although it is much more expensive, if you want to get the best buy for your money, Carbon is your best choice. Its strength, shock dampening, non-corrosiveness, weight, and flexibility make it a great material for bicycles.

More and more bike owners insist that carbon bicycle frames reigning supreme as the first and only choice. Get the super inside scoop now in our guide to the best carbon bicycle frame on the market.

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