Sunday, 9 May 2010

How to have the best fun out of mountain biking

Mountain biking is a popular sport, and as it gains more and more popularity, biking enthusiasts have more mountain bikes to choose from. It is important to consider what type of riding you enjoy before selecting a mountain bike. Some of the most popular types are listed below.

Cross country. Most good mountain bike models will fit into this category. These bikes are designed to be lightweight, which will make them more comfortable as you go up and down hills.

This very common mountain bike is not limited for tough terrain - you can even use it to commute to work! Think of the money you can save in gas costs while getting in more workout time!

Downhill. Serious bikers are often looking for a tougher adventure on their bike. A downhill bike offers suspension in both the front and the rear, and the parts and brakes are especially strong. Most serious bikers will have these custom built.

Trails. Mountain biking on a trail will require skill and discipline. This is another model that is most often built by the serious mountain biker. These must be very lightweight yet very strong.

Jump and slalom. These bikes are exceptionally strong and can be used for slalom, street racing, and even jumping.

The jump and slalom bike is so strong because of the front suspension and exceptionally strong components. This is a very popular model.

Mountain biking is a great workout and a great deal of fun, even for beginners. You'll need a good, sturdy mountain bike selected just for you. You not only have your own style, but each person has different mountain biking goals. Visit several stores and see how you like different models. You may want to talk to other mountain bikers and find out what they like or don't like about different models as well.

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