Friday, 28 May 2010

Running Vs Cycling

Almost everyone is looking for a way to exercise and lose weight on regular basis. And your daily calories loss can be achieved in a lot of ways. Today I'm going to compare cycling and running. Both are popular ways for people to get into shape and loss that curved belly. But which way is the true way to eternal slimness and happiness?


This is probably the most famous way of losing weight. Nicholas Cage reportedly ran 6 miles every day to get into shape for a movie role sometime ago. And it's easy to see why so many individuals chose this path of exercise. It's very cheap to do, all you need is a good pair of shoes and some determination. And with the sun shining and the beautiful scenery of Paris, running can also become a real adventure and joy in your life. While you're having fun guess how many calories you're burning? Well over 600 per hour! That's over a quarter for your daily food consumption. These days with the Nike + iPod device you can even record how fast you're going, how far and how many calories you burned. It's a great way to keep progress and adds some competitiveness to your solo runs.


The big benefit of cycling which many know already is the speed. With today's race bikes you can easily hit 30km/h+ for long periods of time. That means that you can reach far away places during your training and see what lies around your city or village. It also allows you to see new things that are truly breathtaking. Like sunsets at beaches or Morgan Freeman's house. But not all is perfect in the world of cycling. For one you'll need to buy a new bike which can set you back over 1000 bucks easily. And don't think you're done yet. In some countries you're required to look like an idiot while cycling so you'll need a helmet and maybe grip gloves. All in all 1300 dollars or more is considered normal for true enthusiast. Maybe you should consider a small gps as well to record speed, distance and a way back home.


I love to exercise. In fact it's my third most favorite thing to do after: helping random visitors on the internet and hanging out with friends and family. I've experienced both sports and for me the winner is... running. The problem with cycling is the insane costs and some safety concerns. The bikes are really expensive both in price and maintenance. And safety because you'll be going really quick and with slower bikers and small roads you're in risk of hurting yourself. With running things are easy and instant. Go out and just run. No need to be concerned about costs or slow bikers in your way. With that said people with knee issues should consider cycling over running anytime.

There're no real winners or losers here. Both will attract completely different types of people. But in general for most people I think running is the way to go. And that's why that exercise has won today's versus.

running vs cycling

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