Monday, 10 May 2010

Cycling - Do I Buy a Rear Or a Roof Cycle Rack?

A bike rack can cost a hundred dollars, or it can cost several hundred bucks. There are two types of bike racks available in the market - rear and roof racks. These racks are added on to your vehicle as an extension, and that's where you place your bikes on them.

The decision to buy a roof rack or a rear rack depends very much on the type of vehicle you own, and the type of bike you ride. Most bike racks that are manufactured (esp. rear racks) can be setup on almost any type of vehicle. They are designed to be used by most models. However, if you own a car that is so unique that non of the racks fit, then you must go back to the authorized dealer to see if there is a proprietary bike rack available. Usually, only top brands produce such cars (and racks).

Usually, roof racks are mostly used for mounting mountain bikes. The advantages of having a roof rack is that there is minimal movement when the bikes are mounted. This setup is ideal if the terrain is uneven. The bikes are so secure that you won't have to worry them falling off as your vehicle goes over bump after bump. The downside of this rack is that the height of your vehicle increases drastically. In other words, you have to watch what is on top of the car as you drive. In many cities, car parks have got height limits and the car won't be able to go through.

Therefore, if you own a road bike, a rear rack would appear more practical. Although there is some vibration, such racks are secure enough for normal road usage. Just don't try to drive your clean and beautiful family saloon into the mud.

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