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Top 7 Cycling Routes of Germany

This is surprising to me but the European country I get the most requests for bicycle touring route information is Germany. Maybe I should not be as surprised about the request of cycling routes in Germany as the country offers over 200 bike routes which receive lots of bicycle traffic from local citizens and visitors alike.

The top 7 routes for bicycle touring in Germany:

Romantic Road Bike Route
The Romantic Road bike route is not well known by North American cyclists, this is easily my favourite. The route starts in Wurzburg near Frankfurt and winding along quiet farm lanes and bike paths to the Austrian border at Fussen. Along the way you pass by three walled medieval cities, the fairy tale castles of King Ludwig II, vineyards and much more. The terrain is rolling with a few big climbs along the 420 km (261 mile) route.

Rhine Cycle Route
This is the route everyone has heard about. The Rhine Cycle Route starts in the Netherlands and ends in Switzerland but the most scenic section lays in Germany. The main German section is 330 km (205 miles) long although doing the whole route will more than double that distance. The route is fairly flat along well maintained paved as you pass interesting castles and the river traffic.

Moselle River Trail
A two country route, the Moselle River Trail starts in Germany at the Rhine River and ends in France at the Metz River. Along the way this 304 km (189 mile) route follows the river valley passing through vineyards and historic towns

Bodensee Bike Route
North American's know the Bodensee Bike route as Lake Constance. Take this route to visit three countries on one tour, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The route itself is quite gentle with interesting towns as you circle the lake.

Danube Bike Trail
This is the premier bicycle touring route in Europe, the best there is for beginners. The German section starts at Donaugschingen in the Black Forest region and takes you 525 km (326 miles) to Passau on the Austrian border. Do continue to Vienna, Budapest and the Black Sea. Your bicycle touring through Bavaria takes you through picturesque town, medieval cities such as Regenburg.

Mozart Bike Route
The Mozart Bike Route visits the southeastern corner of Germany around Berchtsgaden, before crossing into Austria and looping around the Austrian lakes district and Salzburg. Although mostly cycling over rolling terrain expect a few major climbs. Highlights include the Salzburg fortresses, the palace at Chimsee and Austria Lakes District.

German Border Bike Route
This route is also not as well known to North American's. It starts in eastern Germany at the Czech border and where the German Border Bike Route meanders for 1,400 km (870 miles) before reaching the Baltic Seas.

When considering a Bicycle Tour of Europe consider these seven cycling routes in Germany.

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