Saturday, 13 March 2010

5 steps to be taken to fully enjoy Bicylcing off road

For the uninitiated, off road biking literally means taking your bike off the road and driving on dirt tracks right in the lap of nature. It could be pure riding your mountain bike or a combination of hiking and biking.

Motorcycles are very popular because they make the rider feel macho and rugged. Well, as far as bicycles are concerned, off road biking has all the machismo that any rider would ever require. There are many riders who claim that a person cannot be called a good cyclist until he or she has tried out the dirt trails and has successfully undertaken mountain biking. Mountain biking or off road biking utilizes every ounce of your cycling skills. You should not just be in perfect control of your bike but must be completely confident as far as your cycling abilities are concerned. There will be a small dirt track which you have to stick to throughout your ride. Any slip up will take you hurtling down the mountain or shall send you into the thick trees.

Off road biking needs proper preparation and the right set of skills. You have to prepare for mountain biking just as you would prepare for a hike in the mountains. However, in this case, you will have to prepare not just yourself but your bike as well.

If you think off road biking is tough, there is no doubt that it is so. However, that does not mean off road biking is suitable only for those who have a death wish. In fact, mountain biking is a lot better than hiking.

For starters, you get to travel a lot faster on your bike as compared to hiking your way to the top. Further, the ride upwards may be physically grueling but the ride downwards will be an absolute joy. All you need to do is retain control on your bike and your speed and you will simply breeze through downhill until you reach ground level.

There are some rules and guidelines that must never be ignored when going off road with your bike.

Maximum accidents amongst off road bikers occur due to two reasons. One, the rider is not experienced enough to go off road with his or her bike. Two, the biker grew overconfident and met an animal or a hiking party or a vehicle on the other side of a bend or curve. In either case, you suffer because you lost control on your bike.

Off road biking is fun but it will punish any person who does not respect the sport. If you intend to participate in off road biking, make it a point to go along with a friend. It is not necessary to ride together. All you need to do is agree on a certain meeting point at the end of the trip. This will ensure that at least one person is present to help you out in case you get stuck in a spot of bother.

Further, never go off road biking without adequate preparations to treat any accident or injury. Cuts, scrapes and gashes are very common in off road biking. Having a good first aid kit with you is a good idea.

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